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To answer the question of what color to paint a bedroom would take 10 articles, but there are some basic standards that apply to every bedroom. Rooms start at the floor line, and grow higher, the choice of how light or dark the room is to be as it grows higher varies. in the case of adult bedrooms, the bedroom is very often darkened. In addition earth tones are the most popular color choice, because of the relaxing warmth they imply, and the majority of of hotel rooms are most often in tans. Here are some basic standards that all bedrooms have.


Every bedroom color scheme begins with the bedspread or comforter set which may have some sort of a pattern, it’s actually easier if it just has some texture, but regardless the main color of the comforter should as closely match the floor color as possible. This way the main furnishing for the room look stuck to the floor rather than floating or separating from the floor. This bedroom has an exquisite color scheme which is the earth tone orangy red with cream and has lots of variations all gorgeous. So in this easy bedroom the walls are cream textured wallpaper, and the other elements of the bedroom are integrated into it. In which case the crown molding is painted as dark wood. 
This bedroom is a real classic southwest style with a great quilt comforter with lots of colors to choose from, but the dominant hue of the comforter is brown, so the floor is dark brown carpet. The secondary color of the comforter is olive green, so that is the wall paint color in a medium shade slightly lighter than the floor but still dark enough to be sleepy. The red in the comforter is the accent color, and all the colors are repeated in the stripe of the curtains which is a decorator pattern mix standard. 
Next we have a fabulous decorating color scheme for any bedroom, which is monochromatic browns with the walls painted darker than the floor. This is a way of creating dark ambiance in adult master bedrooms but still have a room that is light enough to see. It is simply the basic light to dark brown color palette inverted so that the walls are darker than the floor, and then there has to be some light on top of dark areas throughout the room and some reflective items also helps. In this type of color scheme the trim is painted some medium shade of tan, and the ceiling can be tan or even dark brown or wood. The amatuer mistake in this type of room is not being consistently dark and contrastingly light all around the room in only tans.
Green and gray is not the best of color schemes except in industrial bathrooms, but if a bedroom is lightly gray it becomes a sleepy room. This color scheme has lots of variations and can include more white, with touches of yellow to make it brighter and blues and gray are great also and then there is plum and gray all great but somber. So once again the bedding matches the floor, then the walls are somewhat lighter paint or wallpaper. the reason decorator rooms look better to you is because wallpaper gives you a variety of colors within it especially textured wallpaper, whereas paint is one solid color, so having some patterns with varying colors actually helps adjoining items to match better.  
An analogous color scheme in blue and green pastels against white, a great kids or teen bedroom, with very subtle patterns all around the room. the bedding once again has a direct relationship to the floor, Then the colors and patterns grow higher from it, it’s like a plant growing branches. In this case there is a wall mural. Feature walls behind beds give you the opportunity to create something special in one area, then the rest of the room is painted the same as the background color of the mural. 
I have to show this room because it is such a classic, and such an easy room to copy. When you have wood floors you have to go into soft creamy earth tones unless the floors are very blonde, then you can go with pastels. In this case the floor is medium brown pine wood, so the comforter set is medium tan with olive accents. The walls are painted in tan or tan textured wallpaper, with the olive repeated all around the room against it. 
You asked us which color to paint a bedroom, and well, you know how we are. Actually of all the rooms in a house the bedroom and bathroom are the ones most likely to be wallpapered. In the bedroom the use of a chair rail at 30″ with solid color paint below it matching the floor, or a stripe or texture is a decorator standard. Then the wall above it is wallpaper, and is finished off with a wallpaper border or crown molding. The advantage to this is that the upper wall is purple and white which is lighter than what is below it. Once again the bedding has a direct relationship to the floor which is usually dark with some subtle pattern. The trick of it is to match all those patterns so that some are stronger than the others, but all contain the main colors for the room. The yellow and purple chair is a finishing touch that adds important interest as well as the lamp shade and art.
And lastly this is an experiment that came out rather well but I would work on it more. If the bedroom is painted or wallpapered very dark, then how does a person see in it? Well, there has to be some lightness against it, ambient light and reflective surface and patterns that contrast.
– The bedding main color has a direct relationship to the floor color.
– The drapery and other small furnishings are selected, and relate to the bedding.
– The wall paint color can be a lighter duller version than the floor, or can be a neutral or accent color or feature wall, as long as all the colors have a direct relationship to each other.
– The drapery blends into the wall color. Striped drapes are usually easiest to blend into the color schemes other patterns and match the wall color.




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