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The question of what color to paint a room is a very broad question that is asked thousands of times a day into internet search boxes, and the only true answer is the intention of the rooms owner to make the room light or dark. It would almost be easier to answer what color not to paint a room.
In interior design there are rules about wall paint color in relationship to the other elements in a room, and I’ll show you the easy way to follow those rule to make a fool proof wall paint color decision every time. When designing a room, the wall color choice should be the absolute last decision. The flooring and then the major furnishings are selected first, then the room becomes designed vertically to match the elements on the floor.


Many people think that white is a safe wall paint color choice because it matches everything. Those people are wrong. White is a clear color and matches clear tones. The room above is decorated in bright clear red white and blue, and so looks good painted in white. White walls are very boring, and almost are never the right paint color choice.
This dining room looks good with walls painted in white because the furniture and other elements are in bright colors. However the feature wall on the right is necessary in the rooms colors to create some interest.
In bathrooms the paint color choice follows the tile colors, if the tile color is white, then the walls look good painted in pastels.  If you have an earth tone bathroom stone color, just simply select the lightest color within the various stone veining to paint the walls, the tiles should look blended into the wall color.
In this pastel yellow bedroom the wall color is a lighter yellow than the floor, this is always a safe wall color paint choice, however, it is much more interesting in wallpaper, sometimes the right choice is to add the variety of colors that only wallpaper can provide. 
In this peach bedroom the peach floor is a bit of a creamy earth tone, the lower wall is painted a lighter and duller version of the floor up to 30″, then wallpaper is applied to the ceiling line in peach and off white. however, it is always safe to paint the walls a lighter and duller version than the floor up to the ceiling line.
If the room you are going to paint is any type of an earth tone, you have to learn to distinguish between shades of tan. Rooms that have a lot of wood in the architecture have to be softened up with creamy colors. The walls in this room are painted with a very neutral tan that is neither rosy nor golden so will match just about any earth tone comforter set.
And finally the classic brown monochromatic living room that more than half of you have. The area rug contains shades of brown from light to dark, then the room grows up vertically repeating the dark to light all around the room. One of the biggest amateur mistakes is to paint the trim white, the trim should be cream, and the ceiling can be cream or tan or even darker brown depending, but there is no white in an earth tone room. The other amateur mistake is to make the browns too light and too similar, the browns should go from very light to very dark against each other all around the room, then other earth tone colors like olive and mustard can show up in small details such as throw pillows. purple-living-room-1
If you want to darken up a room, and the flooring and furnishings are clear tones, you can go for the grayed version of any of the flooring and furniture colors. The wall paint color is usually a duller and slighty lighter version than what is in front of it. In this case the wall paint color is gray because there is black in the floor, but it could have also been a grayed up violet as well for a more colorful look.

– Decide on the flooring and the major furnishings first, then select a wall color that is one of the major colors in the major patterns, and pick a wall paint color that is the slightly lighter and duller version of it. 
– Stay within the same color palette throughout the room.
– In bathrooms make the wall paint color appear to have the tiles blended into it.
– Make the drapery color look blended into the wall paint color.
– Make the trim color the lightest version of the wall paint color.

Many famous paint color companies now have online paint color visualizer tools to help you select a paint color. It’s helpful to take pictures of the room, and then cut out the wall area to insert different colors against it. You can also insert jpeg pictures into Google Sketchup like I do, and change the paint colors until you are satisfied with the color.

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