Pastel Colors
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Gray Colors
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Bright Colors
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Blackened Colors
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Earth Tones
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Blending or Contrasting Colors 
When you see the colors change as the base undertone changes you see the colors that group together well. These colors are blended, and all match each other. The color theory is the same to design a picture, a fashion item, a room, or a food can label.You can blend colors in the same color palette, or you can contrast colors. Once you realize that color has a base undertone, you begin to see it right away when you look at anything, you will see 2 colors, the objects neutral undertone, and one of the 6 colors on the color wheel.x
Blending Colors – As a general rule colors in the same color palette all match each other and can be combined. Typically all clear colors from white to gray to black and their corresponding 6 colors can be combined with some finesse.x
Contrasting Colors – As earth tones are in a separate color palette, when they are mixed with clear colors, the object will contrast. This is an advertiser trick to get you to notice signage. One object will appear close and the other far away, or to separate from each other.x
The Color Wheel – One of the best color wheels I have seen is by artist Donald Jusko, and you can see more of his work and color products on his website The Real Color wheel where he explains color theory in depth and has more samples and products.x
Earth Tones – As you look at this color wheel you can see the earth tone palette in the orange,yellow and green area toward the center. That’s because brown is orange darkened.
Dark Tones and Gray Tones– are in the center of the color wheel.
Pastel and Bright Colors – are in the outer portion of the color wheel.

Color theory for pastels