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The easiest way to select a kitchen wall paint color is to design a monochromatic room, and then to modify the single color room into more colors as needed. When you have wood cabinets or any architectural elements that plays a major factor in the room, those elements have one or more variations of color within it, that are going to strongly influence the rest of the colors for the room.
Since oak wood cabinets are so common in many kitchens, I did some color tests to see exactly which colors can and can't be used as the wall paint color. The result of the tests show that there are a few colors that can be used as the wall paint color, but what was even more interesting was that there was a pattern as to what colors could be used for all the surfaces throughout the rest of the kitchen as well. 
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-1  Here is our first kitchen with golden oak wood cabinets in monochromatic. The exact cabinet color is light orange, which is a golden tan. The wall paint color is a dead on match to the cabinets which is an orangy tan, with the trim in light cream. The counter top and back splash is golden tan with black veining in granite, and the floor is a golden tan mix flagstone. 
 All elements have the golden tan of the cabinets running through it and have other neutral elements from light to dark all around the room, this is monochromatic.
If you don't know what you are doing you can always design any room in any color in monochromatic with the same color from light to dark all around the room. 
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-2  Next our monochromatic kitchen gets the counter top changed to black, and the floor changed to a black vinyl with tan flecks. You can insert varying amounts of black into any room but it takes some practice to get it right. This is a classic black and tan room which is both warm and elegant. 
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-brown-6   Next our kitchen with oak cabinets now gets changed into a darker version of monochromatic. The floor is a golden tan ceramic tile which is nearly a dead on match to the golden oak cabinets. The back splash is a glass tile which is a mix of golden tans and dark browns giving us lots of colors to choose from. 
 The counter top becomes a very dark brown plastic laminate. While the wall paint color is a very dark brown that leans toward a rust on the orange side like the cabinets, with the trim in cream. This is a more extreme version of monochromatic with certain elements becoming very dark, while others are light or medium shades of what is effectively the same color. 
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-red-5  Now our kitchen is going to add another color which is the next color over on the color which is red. The wall are painted a very dark red which is on the rust/orangy side, and the trim is very lightly orangy cream. 
This is an analogous color scheme which is 2 colors very close together on the color wheel, red and orange. Once you are comfortable in seeing that tans are every color tainted with orange, you become more comfortable in matching exact shades of tans which are closely related.  
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-green-3 Next we swing over to the other side of the color wheel and try dark olive paint in our kitchen, and our glass tile back splash gives us a few shades of olive green to work with. The floor looks best matching the cabinets, the counter top changes to the darkest shade of green in the tiles, and the wall paint color is also dark olive green, with the trim paint color in medium dark tan.  
kitchen-paint-oak-cabinets-green-4 And lastly our kitchen adds light clear green tiles on the back splash, with light clear green painted walls and very light cream trim paint color. Notice that the counter top looks good in black. This works because the oak wood cabinets are very blonde and while they are a tan they are also a light orange, and so the light green is the same tone in lightness as the cabinets. 
- These are just general standards of interior design. Each rooms cabinetry is slightly different shades of color and has to be color matched for each room.
- At your local home improvement store, get a paint color strip with the 5 colors on it, and find the exact matching color to your kitchen cabinets, this can be the wall paint color, and the lightest paint color can be the trim color.
 - If you are rebuilding a kitchen with all the elements new, then match the main color of the cabinets, floor, splash, counter top and wall painted color or wallpaper together, before installing anything.
- Select the tile pattern of the back splash, which can also be wallpaper, as the focal point of the design scheme together with the floor. One of the colors in them is the wall paint color, one is the cabinet color, and one is the counter top color. 



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