Living Room Color Schemes in Brown and Rust


The color rust, which is the earth tone orange shows up in interior design more than most people realize. Rust is a heavily used Southwest style color, but it also shows up as a rosy tan. When you look at tan samples next to each other, you will quickly realize that there are quite a lot of shades of tan, as true brown leans toward orange or red or yellow. To begin with brown is orange, so that it bleeds over into rosy tans and outright rust is very natural in the brown decorating color schemes. So it is very easy to decorate a living room, in shades of brown and tan, where the color scheme just naturally transgresses into rust.

Cream and rust is an exquisite combination, but needs to have some darker colors to anchor it with weight and add some interest. The upper picture is of a traditional style living room decorated in cream to tan to brown with rosy tans and rust. The area rug is not easy to find in these colors, and is a French Aubusson. The sofa color is a two tone damask in dark and light rust matching the rug. It is also important to note that dark wood floors and trim matter in the color scheme, and not only lead the decorating scheme into earth tones, but into dark earth tones, so there has to be some darker colors there to blend with the wood trim, even though the other colors will be lighter. The settee and the curtains are in a stripe which repeats the colors for the room, and the tub chairs and the valance are in a plaid which repeats the colors for the room. The wall color is creamy light rust in a texture.



The lower picture is of a Southwest style living room, which is primarily rust and rosy tans. The Indian style sofa fabric is the focal point with lots of colors, and the walls are distressed finishes which contain lots of colors to match each other. The curtains are a stripe, with art that repeats the colors and style for the room. It is a good time to mention that flat wall paint is hard to match because it is one color, whereas textured wallpapers are easier to match because they contain a full range of colors from light to dark within, so it is bound to match whatever is next to it.