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Paint color selection is a very broad question because it depends upon what is already in the room, and how dark or light the interior designer wants to decorate the room. However, in kitchens there are some basic standards that determine the wall paint color possibilities.
Rooms are designed from the floor up and the wall paint color choice is the last decision, and is found somewhere in the already existing items. In ancient times kitchen floors were always some version of stone. In modern times we have engineered products that fake the natural materials, which never look like the real thing entirely, but provide us with a cheaper, easier installation and also more color variety available.
The natural stone and good ceramic tiles have a blend of shades of color in each tile. When the kitchen cabinets are wood, the best match is the wood color being somewhere in the spectrum of colors found in the floor tiles. The counter top repeats the floor color in a solid color granite. And the wall paint color is the last decision which is some version of the lightest value color found in the floor tile. Here are some examples.​ 
kitchen-paint-blue-1  The focal point of any kitchen is the pattern of the back splash, which can be a decorative tile, or it can be wallpaper, or a full height back splash which is the same as the counter top. In this case glass mosaic tile is giving us lots of shades of blue in monochromatic to work with. 
The darkest navy blue becomes the floor tile in vinyl 12" squares. The kitchen cabinets are plain white. The kitchen counter top repeats the floor color in plastic laminate. The wall paint color is the light blue found in the tiles, and the trim color is plain white paint. 
 kitchen-brown--paint-1  This kitchen in monochromatic brown is found in many homes. This basic design dates back to ancient Rome. The floor is a ceramic tile which imitates marble and has lots of shades of brown from light to dark. The cabinets are medium brown wood which is a color that is found in the floor tile. Glass mosaic tiles give us 4 shades of brown from light to dark at the back splash, and the lightest cream tan becomes the counter top in plastic laminate. While the wall paint color is a very close match in medium tan to the counter top and one of the glass tiles. The trim is painted very light cream. 
 kitchen-paint-red-1 In this kitchen the cabinets are a red wood. The floor is slate which is black with some red in it. The counter top and back splash is the sunset red onyx tile from Emser Tiles. The wall paint color then becomes a pinkish tan, and the trim is a very light cream.
- Begin with the floor, there should be a relationship between the floor colors and the cabinet colors.
- Select a design for the back splash that matches the counter top, and coordinates with the floor color.
- Take the wall paint color either from the lightest value in the floor tile, or from the back splash. The trim color is then either white or in an earth tone room it's cream.



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