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RGV color wheel 1908 by J. Arthur H. Hatt - The Colorist. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileRGV_color_wheel_1908.png#mediaFileRGV_color_wheel
A gray tone is any color on the color wheel which is diffused. They area clear color which is not in it’s full intensity. They are a clear color which is not mixed with any other color and has a gray undertone. Grays can be very light, or very dark. in interior design gray is used deliberately to create certain feelings within rooms and is not a good idea to apply those colors to certain other rooms because of it.Gray tone rooms are easier to keep clean – this is why you see gray tone bathrooms in commercial spaces all the time.

Gray tone rooms in the pastel version invoke a sleepy, somber, and private or quiet feeling. this is why they are often used for offices, and bedrooms as they are somewhat boring.

Gray tone rooms in the dark version are sinister. Think of dark gray stone castles.

Where it is not a good idea to use gray tones is in dining rooms, restaurants, kitchens and certain other residential rooms, because the shadow of the somber color bleeds off on everything creating an unappetizing effect.


These are pastel gray tones mixed with gray and white an will create a sleepy diffused effect. This is ok in certain residential rooms, and is the best in private offices, and certain bedrooms, it’s cool, but quiet. 
Picture 099
This room is the classic complimentary purple and yellow color scheme in gray tones. This is a great cheap and easy decorating scheme for homeowners or restaurants that want to solve the conflict between the gray floor being easy to clean, and the wall color needing to be lighter to create cheerfulness. 
Picture 256
You will see this gray and yellow mix color combination alot because it solves the problem of the blend between white and pastels and gray adding a practical element. This works well in both dining areas, kitchens and bathrooms. 
This is a gray plus white bathroom mixing in a pastel blue and bright blue tile. this mix solves the problem of being too boring or too innocent, and adds some variety of color without also becoming too bright. 

Color theory for bright colors