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Bright Colors – Are all the colors on the color wheel which are in their purest intensity. While gray tone are in their weakest intensity, brights and gray tones are in the center of the lightness scale.Bright colors are very suitable for many rooms in interior design, and give a cheerful feeling. bright colors are clear tones which can be mixed with white, gray and black. The white plus brights color scheme is very often a children’s room, and feels innocent. The brights plus gray and white room can be a kitchen, bathroom, teen room, restaurant, or many other rooms. the addition of black into the bright room adds weight. Almost all modernist rooms that are in brights need the addition of black to define areas particularly the floor, and also in the small details like picture frames.¬†¬† l
RGV color wheel 1908 by J. Arthur H. Hatt - The Colorist. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons - httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwikiFileRGV_color_wheel_1908.png#mediaFileRGV_color_wheel
This is simplest of analogous color schemes white plus 2 bright colors next to each other on the color wheel. You can use any 2 colors, plus white, gray, and black.
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While bright colors are thought of a modern in style, they can provide a color scheme which is a traditional mix like this room in red, white and blue, which is a split compliment.
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This living room is another brights and pastels mix, which is also a split compliment and is a very often used color scheme which is blue or green, with yellow or orange as the accent color. While the room is traditional in style and would not look the best with wood floors, the solid green carpet provides just the right root of this interior design color scheme.
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Once again our bright color mix becomes a traditional transitional bedroom in the classic purple and yellow compliment. The room is very dark at the floor and grows higher in monochromatic purple mixing in white as it goes to the ceiling. yellow and white against the bright purple are just the touch for creating interest.
When it comes to decorating  a room in bright colors a little goes a long way, and it varies how much bright colors are against a neutral background. this is particularly true with red. You can mix in white, gray, and black, with varying amounts of bright colors against the neutral to see what works best.

Color theory for blackened colors