What is Color ?

Color is the suns reflections on objects as a prismatic reflection into your eye. As the sun moves across the sky the level of light changes, and so does the color of the objects at that time. On a sunny day the color of objects are at their most intense.



Brights - These colors are known as brights, and are clear colors. If the colors are very diffused with white, they are pastels. Bright colors are all the 6 colors in their purest intensity.
sea-dawn-sunset-beach-medium Gray Tones - On a cloudy or rainy day, the suns light is diffused and makes the same objects look gray. These colors are known as gray tones, and are clear colors but are diffused and not in their most intense state.
 dawn-nature-sunset-dark-medium Dark tones - As the sun sets at night, we can barely see the same objects, and the colors appear blackened. These are dark colors or  blackened tones, and are clear colors. A clear color can be light, dark or diffused, but is not mixed with any other color.
 landscape-mountains-nature-plant-medium Earth Tones - The landscape is known as earth tones. Earth tones are all the colors on the color wheel which are tinted with orange. Earth tones are not clear colors and are a mutt color with a creamy undertone.
nature-sky-clouds-field-medium Contrast - The sky is a clear color which ranges from blue to black to gray and white, and is always a clear tone.The land ranges from various dark to light browns with some greens and a few bright colors against it, but is basically earth tones. The sky appears far away from you because it is in another color palette from the land. This is known as contrast.
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 The color wheel and the color palettes