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  Since burgundy is one of the most popular colors in interior design, many people ask the question what matches it. Decorating a living room or bedroom with burgundy follows the same formula. The first step in designing any room is to select the focal point, which is the most noticeable item in the room, then match the flooring to it. Then select the other elements in the room. Select the window treatment, and then select the wall paint color last to blend in with the window treatment. See the col9or wheel chart below to determine which shade of burgundy you have.
Attribution: Donald Jusko Artist, Real Color Wheel
Real Color Wheel
Decide which shade of burgundy you have. Burgundy is a cross between red and purple. If the burgundy has a brown undertone it is an earth tone and matches creamy colors, and is known as maroon. If the burgundy is clear it can also be known as garnet, and matches pink true white and black. No matter which shade of burgundy that you have you are sure to have a pretty room. To follow are 8 rooms decorated in burgundy.
In this burgundy bedroom the focal point is the bedspread which contains burgundy white and pink. These are clear tones, and are a monochromatic color scheme from white to light pink to lighter burgundy with green leaf accents. Usually the darkest area of the bedroom is the floor carpet color which establishes the colors for the room, and then how much lighter you want to go as you go higher is optional. This room varies all the way up to pink mixed with white as it goes higher.
This foyer remains light with a pinkish burgundy area rug, yellow distressed walls, and all the colors in the Tiffany style lamp. This room is a split compliment with the pinkish fuscia burgundy color mixing with pastel yellow and green accents. Darkened wood tones balance out the light color scheme with dark against light to create visual weight and maintain the traditional feel for the room. 
This bedroom has a maroon bedspread which matches the carpet, and is an earth tone, so the walls are cream instead of white. Many people would not recognize this bedroom as an earth tone room, but it is and that determines the wall paint color as being in cream rather than white. There is very little difference between maroon and burgundy, except that maroon has a brown undertone, which changes all the colors that match it.
This living room has a clear tone burgundy sofa which is also known as garnet. The wood floor is also reddish, and the garnet and other colors runs through the area rug. The walls are painted in peach, and the window valance matches the sofa. Because this room is in clear tones, the black lamp shades match it.
This is a clear tone burgundy that is almost a dark red, and matches black and white and gray. This fantastic bedroom mixes both black, white and gray interweaves through all the finishes to create light to dark areas.
This burgundy leans toward maroon so would be an earth tone. The other colors in the room are forest green as an accent color, cream, tan, and small touches of black add elegance. You can see how well it blends with brown, as the area rug is primarily in tans with black, the toile wallpaper has a brown background, and the cream floral pillows match nicely. You can mix black into any room as a detail and it adds elegance.
The same bedroom in burgundy in a clear tone. There is a very tiny difference between the 2 rooms, but it makes a major difference when you are matching the other elements to it. Because this burgundy is a clear tone it matches the clear pastel pink, some white, black and gold details in the room add elegance.
This living room picture is decorated with burgundy near black, as a clear tone, it's almost a blackened purple. The idea in living rooms with very dark walls and floor is to put some lightness in the center of the floor against it to create a visual focal point. So the area rug is lighter with pink to dark burgundy and cream, and the lamp shades chair fabric and art add some lightness in lighter pinks and cream against the dark walls.

 So there you have it, 8 nice rooms decorated in burgundy, some of them earth tones, some clear tones, some lighter, some darker. It's just a matter of noticing the shade of color and matching the appropriate finishes to it. 

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