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When designing a room with an analogous color scheme there are either 2 or 3 colors right next to each other on the color wheel. The blue, green, and yellow analogous combination is a very good one, and is used often, and you are about to see why. The yellow color brightens up the darker blue and green as an accent color. It is important that there is one color stronger than the other colors in the room and this is known as the dominant hue, and is the main color for the room and is usually the floor and the main furniture.
This analogous living room is a stunner, and is an example of a traditional style home designed in brights, which are white based hues. The area rug gives us lots of colors within it to create our room, but the main color is dark green which is also the carpet color. All the objects in the room have a slight pattern in it with one or two colors, but the overall dominant green run through most of them. The yellow and white pin stripe wallpaper is very good alternative to white paint. The sofa very closely matches the floor color, the settee repeats the colors in a stripe, and the side chairs and ottoman is the accent color.  
A wild pattern mix analogous bathroom with mosaic tile floor in blue, and various bright color fabrics on the walls in blue green and yellow. This room works as a pattern mix test, but you can also see that the wall is more green, and the floor is more blue. It works better when one color is more dominant than the others. 
Picture 133 
This analogous bedroom is a blue and green mix with white as the neutral color and the green leans toward yellow. The aqua carpet is a stunning color and the bedroom grows lighter as it goes higher. There is no problem mixing patterns as long as the main colors for the room is running through everything.
This analogous bathroom is a green and yellow mix beginning with the mosaic tile floor and growing higher with striped wallpaper on the lower wall, and then a toile wallpaper above in yellow and white.  There are 4 patterns in the room, plus 2 solid colors and it blends just fine as long as the same colors are repeated throughout.
This bedroom is an analogous blue and green, with white as the undertone for the room. The bedding is a plaid and stripe mix with the solid blue carpet establishing the dominant hue, and making the green secondary and the white tertiary. The addition of pink and yellow in the wall mural helps to establish additional accent colors.  
- Establish one color as being dominant.
- Make the secondary color the wall and smaller furnishings color.
- Make the the third color or the neutral color as the accent color.

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