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Of all the decorating choices to make in designing a room, people often have the most difficult time selecting wall paint colors. It's true that a minor difference in shade can make a big difference in the final result. In addition wall paint colors do look slightly darker on the walls.
But in general if you hold a paint fan set next to the other objects that are in your rooms, and simply find colors as close as you can, the exact colors that are already in your other furnishings, you will have found the correct paint colors strip, as all you will have to do is to go darker and lighter for the wall and trim paint colors along that same color strip, for an easy dark to light monochromatic look.

Further it is usually the wall paint color choice that ends up making the decorating scheme either come together or fall flat. Most amateur decorating color schemes fail because they are either too neutral, too bland, or too light, it takes bold color well coordinated to make rooms look well put together. Fortunately the major paint companies have taken the guess work out of selecting a paint color, and will let you play around on their websites with a whole array of visualizer tools until you become comfortable with selecting a wall paint color.  

For accuracy, you can always take pictures of your house and insert the jpg photos into any of the 3D free drawing visualizer software and play around with the paint colors there until you think that you have a close match. This will give you a good idea of which colors you might like, but it does not specify an exact color from an exact brand name. many of the color visualizer tools will allow you to insert pictures of your rooms as an upload to be able to try out their different exact color paints.

In general you will have the best success with maintaining the basic color palettes, which are:
- Whites + pastels
- Black and white + bright colors
- Gray + grayed colors
- Black + dark clear colors
- Light tans with each other + cream + light earth tones
- Dark browns with each other plus earth tones

Once you know this basic formula you will be a pro at selecting a paint color, it's just a matter of the finding those exact shades in the paint companies product lines.

Here are some of the best paint color visualization tools that I found, and like to use:

Glidden paint color visualizer tool
You can start out with dozens of hypothetical rooms to get the basic idea of selecting a wall, ceiling and trim color. And you can also upload your own pictures of your house and use an outline to insert paint colors. this has an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer
Lots of hypothetical rooms to try different colors in easy drag and drop interface. They have lots of different product lines so color chart has colors mixed up.

Benjamin Moore personal color viewer
Has quite a lot of classic rooms to help practice, with multiple choices for 3 and 4 paint color schemes with all the molding choices. Easy pick and choose interface with well organized color suggestions.

Valspar Paint Virtual Painter
Easy pick and choose interface. Upload photos of your own house, or select from dozens of similar rooms. Valspar has an extensive product line with hundreds of colors to choose from so you will be sure to find the right colors.

Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens has a color painting tool for the exterior of your home.

Olympic Paint
Olympic Paint Color tool will allow you to upload your own photo only to visualize their brands paint colors in your home.

Behr color Smart Visualizer tools allows you to select paint colors which are then displayed in hypothetical rooms.

Dutch Boy
Dutch Boy color visualizer tool allows you to upload your own photos or use their hypothetical rooms to imagine their colors in an easy pick and choose interface.

Pittsburgh Paints
Pittsburgh Paints Visualizer tool allows you to upload a photo of your house to try paint colors or to browse picture collections used in homes.

Pratt and Lambert
Pratt and Lambert paint color visualization tool allows you to upload your own photos for coloring or paint their hypothetical rooms.

Rodda Paint
Rodda paint color visualizer tool has an easy pick and choose paint color system for coloring dozens of sample rooms or upload your own photos.

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